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BSCW: Brian Sousa Content Writing

Over the last decade, Sousa has worked with numerous clients seeking to create inspiring new web content, optimize their current material, or do a little of both. His clients have included contractors, real estate developers, authors, lawyers, engineers, economic advisers, and professionals from many other business sectors.

These clients all had one thing in common: an awareness that, increasingly, the content that your business places online is the shining face of your company, and therefore exceedingly important. It is common knowledge that prospective clients in all fields now turn to Google, or other apps and search engines, in order to decide who to trust with their projects.

This means you need an experienced content writer who you can trust.

Sousa has been creating content for over five years, using keyword integration, SEO optimization, and an inherent talent for communication and creativity. His goal is simple: to tell the unique story of your business to the world. In doing that, he will help your company enjoy greater exposure, be easier to find and identify, and create a clearer, more profound picture of what your business stands for. This new edge will translate to increased interest, traffic and sales.

Below, please check out Sousa’s resume and work samples below, and get in touch to discuss your unique business and goals.


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